Six on Saturday 18 June 2022

It has been so hot and dry this week, most of my time has been taken up watering and weeding. If everything I planted grew as well and fast as the weeds I’d be a happy lady. My Six on Saturday is short and eclectic.

1. Snack cucumber – ‘Tiny Tot’. Growing in a container on my patio. It always fascinates me that home grown cucumbers have spikes.

2. Hanging basket in all its glory – I appreciate hanging baskets are not to everyone’s taste but I like to have one. How the eventual display will look is guess work on my part. This one planted up a couple of months ago with just three plants, pansies, petunias and Helichrysum.

3. Sweet peas – I’m a late sower of sweet peas, but mine are now catching up, looking and smelling glorious. This selection is Prince of Orange, Matucana and Henry Eckford.

4. Strawberries – Words can’t describe the taste of a strawberry, just picked and warm from the sun…mmmmmmh!

5. Blackcurrants – Not long now before these ripen and can be turned into jam.

6. My allotment garden – Roses, grasses, salvias and sisyrinchium attracting the bees and butterflies.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting this weekly meme. Please hop over to his blog and peer over the garden fence at the other contributions.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 18 June 2022

    1. These were early strawberries in a new bed, I also planted a few late varieties which don’t have flowers yet. Japanese beetles are new to me – what a nuisance for you.


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