Six on Saturday 28/05/2022

Fingers crossed I’m now completely over Covid – it knocked me for six. The fatigue after finally testing negative on day 12 is still something else! Slowly I am getting through the day without that awful post-operative feeling by mid afternoon.

Only a few more days to 1st June and the garden has really come to life now. I am never sure if it’s ‘here are my Six on Saturday’ or ‘here is my Six on Saturday’ – anyway here we go….

One: Meet ‘Mr Fokker‘. I was beginning to think I would never see this anemone flower, it was proflic in producing leaves. So delighted at last to see the deep blue flowers.

Mr Fokker anemone

Two: I have had this pretty Lewisia for a couple of years. It survives the winter in a container tucked up against the house wall. Now it has started to flower, I have moved it to the front of the pots to show off its delicate punk shades.

Three: Don’t you love self-seeds? Especially when it’s a pretty white Foxglove. This has appeared exactly in the right place in the border, as if by magic. I particularly like this white one, as so often it is the purple that goes everywhere.

Foxglove ‘Alba’

Four: Last year I had a packet of Stipa tenuissima also known as ‘Mexican Grass’ and ‘Pony Tails’. I managed to grow 8 plants which are scattered around the garden. This year they look like proper grasses. Three are on the edge of the drive and I have planted a couple of Echinacea (also from seed) in between. They are very small at the moment but given time they should look good with the grasses.

Stipa Tennuissima – Pony Tail grass

Five: Three years ago I planted a small, rather sickly, Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’ and now it is a substantial perennial, getting larger each year and is covered in buds. I love this plant, the more you pull up for the house, the more they flower.

Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer

Six: Another good value plant is Sisyrinchium. My allotment garden is full of it, so I pulled up several and replanted them in the garden here. It can be invasive but it will fill in the gaps.


Thank you to The Propagator for hosting this weekly meme. Please hop over to his blog and peer over the garden fence at the other contributions.

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 28/05/2022

  1. My first visit to your garden, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. Glad you are overcoming the virus and not the other way around. Just received my 3rd booster… I have been in love with Mr. Fokker since first growing him a few years back. With both ranunculus and anemones I also have a hard time being patient. You were well rewarded. Mine will bloom soon in our unusually cold spring.

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  2. Mr Fokker anemone is such a vibrant rich colour – beautiful! I had a lovely foxglove last year and am waiting (im)patiently to see if it self seeds. Fingers crossed. Your white one is handsome.

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  3. I’ve grown red spotted white foxgloves, from bought seed, for the last couple of years; this year it’s all self sowers and there’s not a white among them. I think I must try anemones next year, such rich colours.


    1. How disappointing not to get any white foxgloves this year – nature is a funny thing, very fickle! Anemones are fun to grow but I always have an abundance of leaves and only a few flowers. Thus is the first time I’ve grown Mr Fokker, such a deep blue.


  4. Mr Fokker is a lovely anemone. How wonderful to get a white foxglove – the second I have seen today (Jim). And the grasses are fabulous. You are very good at growing things from seed, I don’t have much success. II really hope the fatigue disappears soon, sounds as though you have had a bit of a rough trot with covid.


    1. Thank you, sadly seed growing has not been very successful this year. I wasn’t happy with the peat free seed compost. I got germination but the seedlings haven’t really come to much which is sad. As for Covid, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared, it was very similar to a mixture of a heavy streaming cold and a bad dose of flu. Fatigue is getting better?

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