Six on Saturday 14 May 2022

I missed last week’s Six on Saturday, after being struck down with Covid. I dodged it for two years so it was only a matter of time. Day 10 was yesterday and although feeling very much better I still tested positive, but I understand this can the the case for up to 3 weeks, although no longer being infectious. A truly nasty virus if you are not lucky enough to be asymptomatic.

We are STILL in need of a good drenching of rain, everything is so dry. There was a little a few days ago which only dampened the soil and dried out very quickly in the sunshine. This morning is a glorious mid-May day with a definate summer feel to it, which brings me to my first SoS.

1. Who said “Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between”? What rubbish this is when you see a lush green tree with a backdrop of magnificent blue sky.

2. A couple of years ago, a neighbour planted a small, rather sad looking Arum Lily into a corner of our flowerbed at the front. It survives the winter, has taken over a corner and produces lots of flowers larger than my hand. I love it!

3. I have three roses covered with buds in containers on my patio (everyone needs roses) and the first to fully flower is the aptly named ‘Aromatique’. I posted this yesterday as a Friday Flower and within 24 hours it has developed into this fabulous cluster of petals. There are two beautiful buds on the ‘Chandos Beauty’ full of promise.

Chandos Beauty

4. The pansies, called ‘Pink Shades’ I planted in my hanging basket smile cheerily when I step out of my patio doors. More lilac shades than pink in my opinion.

5. A late spring/early summer stalwart are alliums. They are providing colour to the front border and lift the eye up from the dying foliage of the spring bulbs.

6. Last, but by no means least, are the ‘Leucanthemums’. Guaranteed to spread all over the place if not kept in check, but will flower now continuously until the autumn.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting this weekly meme. Please hop over to his blog and peer over the garden fence at the other contributions.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 14 May 2022

  1. I feel a teeny bit envious when I see those Alliums. They are quite difficult to source here and are snapped up very quickly. I think yours are gorgeous. You can’t beat pansies for interesting colour and staying power, can you. Perfect in a hanging basket.


    1. Hi! Interesting to read alliums are hard to come by, do you know why that is? I have lots of varieties on my allotment garden and now they are established I can’t get rid if them. I thought I’d cleared a bed for a new rhubarb patch but they’ve all appeared again 🤦‍♀️.


      1. I’ve had the same problem. I’m forever pulling the bulbs and shoots of my very ordinary one out. I was referring to the more exotic alliums when I said they’re hard to come by. I think bulb suppliers sell out of them really quickly.


  2. Those are unusual pansies. I too have a Arum lily. I thought I had pulled it out when I cleared a border of overgrown irises, but last year the leaves appeared and this year I have about seven flowers. Sorry to hear that you caught the dreaded lurgy, but glad you are over the worst.


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