Six on Saturday 23/04/2022

No matter how old you are, there is always something to learn whether it be new or a little ‘life lesson’. For me it has been the latter – do not use a Sharpie on garden labels! I have since bought Artline Garden Markers recommended by a professional gardener, so hope they work.

When planting my tulip bulbs last year, the black marker I use for label writing ran out so I resorted to a Sharpie which claims to be permanent. It is definately not waterproof which maybe why used outdoors it is not permanent. I have several containers with beautiful bulbs and clear white labels. I turned to my garden order emails and tried to match the flowers with the order but not that successful, especially when you have ordered 4 varieties of tulips in similar maroon/deep red shades.

1. Tulip ‘Palmyra’

I planted Black Hero, Antraciet, Palmyra and Jinan (included in last weeks Six) together, not realising they were all so very similar. However they have produced a stunning display, so the effect I was after was acheived. By a process of deduction this should be ‘Palmyra’.

2. Tulip ‘China Town’

I have a container with 8 of this tulip, very recognisable as ‘China Town’. Strangely this is not on any of my orders and unless I had a foggy moment I have no recollection of buying them from my local garden centre, and yet again there is a blank label. I wonder if the bulb packet was incorrectly labelled – it does happen, I am happy with it anyway.

3. Tulip could be ‘Atilla Graffiti’

I do write in my garden notebook (when I remember) and noted that I planted ‘Amber Glow’ and ‘Attila Graffit’ in the same container. Last week in my SoS I included ‘Amber Glow’, fortuately labelled and mentioned another tulip was yet to flower. This is what has flowered, I’m not sure if it is ‘Attila Graffitt’ but pretty all the same.

4. Tulip ‘Salmon Jimmy’

This pretty tulip is part of the Sarah Raven Pewter Tulip collection which included ‘Slawa’ and ‘Salmon Van Eijk’ which are both now almost over and ‘Continental’ yet to flower. In hindsight I wish I had found a large pot and planted them all together.

The next two tulips have no labels and I can’t even begin to try and name them so they are simply 5 and 6.

5. This tulip has an unusual white mottling on a couple of petals. Whether it is supposed to do that I will not know as I don’t know the variety.

6. White tulips are not my usual choice and I think these are tulips I planted in autumn 2020. There is a row of them in the bed down the side of the drive and look quite impressive.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting this weekly meme. Please hop over to his blog and peer over the garden fence at the other contributions.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/04/2022

  1. Most of my labels have either faded or snapped off so I am also trying to match names to orders. I do know that one batch of yellow tulips is completely wrong as I did not order any yellow ones. A complaint to Ms Raven will be on its way once I can be certain which flower is missing! But all tulips are lovely whatever the name.

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  2. Lovely tulips whatever their names, although you seem to have done well in matching them up. I would have expected a sharpie to have done the job, but I’ve had similar problems with disappearing writing and I’ve invested in a proper garden marker too.

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