Six on Saturday 16-04-2022

Happy Easter everyone!

I have struggled this morning to select which of my photos to include in Six on Saturday. The big blousy daffodils are practically over and being replaced by delicate varieties. Late tulips are about to flower and most of the earlies have opened fully in the warm sunshine and in a day or two the petals will start to fall.

Without further ado here are my six. I won’t write much more, save to title each photo, as they will speak for themselves.

1. Jonquilla Narcissi‘Regeneration’

I haven’t grown this one before and love the white halo at the base of the flower which I think is called the corona.

2. Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’

Described as a very pale yellow, there seems to be a slight oddity here, some are true, others have white flecks and many are a cheerful yellow.

3. Narcissus ‘Carice’

An almost pink narcissi, I think it is beautiful.

4. Tree Peony

First of two very precious bud. Bought as a tiny little shrub in 2017, it never has produced more than two.

5. Tulip ‘Jinan’

Tulips are admired standing tall, straight and just opened. It’s all to easy to forget they look just as glorious when fully open, particularly the peoony varieties.

6. Tulip ‘Amber Glow’

I try to be meticulous when it comes to labeling. What happens to them? There is a large barrel container which has ‘Atillia Grafitti’ labelled and they are in tight buds so will appear in about a week. This lovely one has no name. However, looking back on my notes I am pretty sure this tulip is ‘Amber Glow’.

As always a big thank you to The Propagator Blog for hosting Six on Saturday. Please visit his blog and take a look at all the other contributions.

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