Six on Saturday 2 April 2022

We have just experienced a Fool’s Spring. Last week people were mowing their lawns wearing shorts in temperatures of 18C (64F). Suddenly we were punged back into winter, reminding us it was only late March. Artic weather brought sleet and snow to the UK and Europe. Yesterday, even on the south coast of England, the day time temperature hovered around 0C.

I am going to visit the Dutch Bulb Fields next week and saw to my horror that Keukenhof had snow yesterday! No it wasn’t an April Fool. Fortunately we are assured that no damage was done as spring bulbs are pretty tough.

My Six on Saturday are a selection of the fabulous wallflowers (erysimums) growing in our garden around the flats. We are so lucky so be able to work in our gardens as our own. The wallflowers were bought as bare root plants and have been added to over the last 3 years. Whilst most are perennials, the deep yellow ones are supposed to be annuals but are now 3 years old, so good value for money.

Bought three years ago as bare rooted annuals – still going strong.
A new annual bought in the autumn and a glorious colour. Sorry no name!
This is a new perennial also bought in the autumn. It did have a label but its gone missing.
Bowles’s Mauve, looking a little pale and worse for wear. Pretty nonetheless.
I just love this colour combination which was very vibrant last week. I don’t think it appreciated the sudden change of weather. Again bare rooted annual wallflowers now 3 years old.
This is a very tiny Erysimum called ‘Canariensis’. I grow it in a large container and it looked very striking against the purple hyacinths which are sadly over now.

I doubt I’ll get to do a Six on Saturday next week, I’ll be homeward bound from Holland. During the week I may well be posting about my river cruise through the Dutch waterways and Amsterdam.

As always, thank you to the The Propagator Blog for hosting Six on Saturday. Please visit his blog and check out all the Six on Saturday contributors.

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