Six on Saturday – 26 March 2022

Oh what joy to be out in the garden and on the allotment this week and be able to work there without a jacket or gloves! There is a great temptation to be lulled into a false security into believing that the cold winter is over. I have to remind myself that it is only the end of March and it has been known to snow in April. However, like the majority of gardeners we like to be positive but always have a roll of fleece at hand!

It is good to be back into the Six on Saturday mode and here are six photos of what is happening in the patio pots today. The warmth has really bought the tulips on so very shortly it’s going to look very colourful. That will be just my luck that they will look their best when I am away in Holland looking at other tulips!

1 Tulip ‘Antraciet’

Tulip ‘Anraciet’ is a fully double magenta tulip and I planted it with ‘Black Hero’ another double but they look way behind, so fingers crossed they will eventually flower in tandem.

2. Narcissus ‘Bridal Crown’

This has to be in my top 5 of favourite narcissus. It has a lovely creamy colour with a yellow centre looking like a paoched egg.

3. Anemone ‘Sylphide’

I am a great fan of Farmer Gracy and early November they posted a video on Instagram planting up a spring bulb combination which I promptly ordered – as one does. This particular combination was Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’, Narcissus Carice and the above Anemone ‘Sylphide’.

4. Erysimum ‘Constant Cheer’

Bare rooted Erysimums (wallflowers) are, in my opinion, excellent value. I bought several bags from the local garden centre and the shades of peach and pink are so beautiful.

5. Bergenia ‘Pink Ice’

Here I have to be honest, this Bergenia is not on my patio but in a flowerbed directly opposite and I see a great froth of pink everytime I look out. It has taken three years to flower like this and I hope it does the sae for many years to come.

6. Muscari

Again, not on my patio, but growing around the large Monteray Cyprus in the front garden. Muscari are just as much a harbinger of spring as narcissus and I wanted to include them in my SoS this week.

Have a good week everyone and remember to watch the weather!

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