My Patio on Saturday 19 March 2022

The plan is to get back into the Six on Saturday meme and photograph some of the latest flowers and plants on my patio to follow their progress. What is so lovely about spring is the fruition of catalogue browsing, choosing and ordering bulbs, deciding the planting scheme and which pots to put them in and then plant them. Throughout the winter it is looking longingly at the bare soil, finding ways to deter the squirrels and suddenly, with great excitement noticing that something is breaking through the soil.

When I think I have carefully labelled everything and frequently the intervening months they either disappear or are unreadable. So it is often ‘spring surprise’. However, this year I have been luckier and only a couple of pots will be guess work. The weather at the moment is sunny and warm for mid March, but today we have quite a chilly wind which is blowing the daffodils to a slight angle but they will straighten up with a bit of luck. Without further ado, here is my Six on Saturday choice from the best of the spring flowers bringing colour to my patio this weekend.

1. Puschkinia Scilloides var. libanotica

This is, in my opinion, one of the sweetest spring flowers and they can be moved from containers into beds where they will naturalise. Always good value from a bulb!

2. Tulip Praestans ‘Shogun’

A pretty early flowering dwarf tulip, ‘Shogun’ has a really delicate fragrance and starts off a yellow/orange and matures with a blush of pinky/red inside the petals.

3. Narcissus ‘Bridal Crown’

Well there is not a lot to say about this wonderful spring flower, it speaks for itself. It looks beautiful and smells glorious – a must have in a spring container.

4. Tulip ‘Hearts Delight’ (Kaufmanniana)

Almost to the point of falling apart now, this is another early flowering tulip. When closed it is a deep pink and in the sunshine it opens wide to show white inner petals and a deep yellow centre, looking a bit like a poached egg.

5. Hyacinth ‘Rembrandt’

I tried to buy ‘Woodstock’ for my 2022 display, it has such a strong fragrance which I adore. Sadly I couldn’t find it so bought ‘Rembrandt’ instead and its an excellent substitute. The colour is so strong although I don’t think the perfume quite hits you the way ‘Woodstock’ does.

6. Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’

Finally, the very pretty pink muscari, so much gentler than the blue. I have it growing in a container with pink ‘sylphide’ anemones, that are yet to flower so fingers crossed they will be out for next Saturday.

3 thoughts on “My Patio on Saturday 19 March 2022

    1. Thank you. Its good to be back albeit having to start from scratch again and build up followers. There’s lots to write about, my happy place allotment, the communal gardens at home, my patio pots and the gardens we visit as the U3A Gardens Group. Hope you are keeping well.

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      1. I’m fine, thanks. Leading a much quieter life, but I have my garden. I’m sure you will attract followers again, just keep posting and commenting. I will be interested to see the gardens you visit as well as your own plot.

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